Lorna Ritz: Fire in the neighborhood

Published: 02-01-2023 9:34 AM

Every evening I go for a sunset walk. On Saturday, I put my jacket and gloves on, but when I went out my front door, my eyes were telling me something too extraordinary to take in. The house across the street from me was on fire. I ran for the phone to call it in, and then ran back out again. The flames only got more dense, and higher. Neighbors gathered. Cars pulled over. We held each other, wondering if anyone was inside. I met the chief and the captain of the fire team and want let them know how impressed we all were to witness the skill and bravery of your team. Every time I went back into my house, I had to run back out again, as though I had to help in some small way just by being there. When the roof was cut open so fearless firemen could go inside the burning house through the attic, I prayed for their safety. We all have to come together in an emergency, but having never seen firefighters that close up gave me a whole new appreciation of who we are as a town. I feel very proud that Amherst is my home for 37 years now.

Lorna Ritz



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