Elissa Rubinstein: Columnists’ language did them no favors

Published: 12-09-2023 1:16 PM

In their Oct. 23 guest column, Katherine Appy and Adi Heller of Amherst Forward called for “optimism and collaboration” as local elections approach [“Let’s vote for optimism and collaboration”]. They correctly state “there’s a lot of divisiveness in American politics right now and Amherst is not immune.”

Ironically, they include divisive language throughout their own editorial comments. They describe citizens who question the status quo as using “mean-spirited tactics and public shaming,” and who instill “fear of name calling and bullying.” They imply that people who might not agree with their agenda will allow “Nimbyism and conspiracy mindsets to take over our civic engagement.”

Amherst Forward says we have “a healthy electoral system” which is “a real democracy and we are here for it.” This will only be true if inflammatory language, like the statements quoted above, is not part of the public discourse.

Elissa Rubinstein


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