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Don Ogden: Solar farms and the environment 

08-25-2023 7:12 PM

The recent guest column “Wrongly blocking solar in Shutesbury,” [Gazette, July 22] by Dan Winslow, president of the New England Legal Foundation “a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates for free enterprise, property rights, rule of law,...

Dr. Bert Fernandez: Why destroy forests for solar arrays?

08-21-2023 11:10 AM

After reading Dan Winslow’s guest column [“Wrongly blocking solar in Shutesbury,” Gazette, July 21], I felt compelled to write a response. The writer tried to convince us that we need to sacrifice our forests to create solar energy. He conveniently...

Guest columnists M.J. Schwartz: Morris continues to deflect and duck responsibility

08-21-2023 11:10 AM


Superintendent Michael Morris has returned from medical leave and is gearing up to begin the 2023-2024 school year without acknowledging his role in the middle school debacle, which the public was just beginning to learn about right before his leave...

Guest columnist Amanda Alix: Spare forests when siting solar

08-21-2023 11:10 AM


Dan Winslow’s melodramatic guest column for the Amherst Bulletin and Daily Hampshire Gazette casts Shutesbury as the villain and W.D. Cowls Inc., and Amp (now PureSky) Energy as the victims vis-a-vis the lawsuit filed by Cowls and Amp claiming the...

Guest column by Kairo Serna: Amherst Forward not standing up for LGBTQ+ students

08-16-2023 2:49 PM


Since the Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee’s refusal to protect students against homophobic and transphobic attacks on students, along with their lack of transparency and suppression of public dissent, Amherst residents are calling for...

Guest columnist John Bonifaz: Probe of school’s Title IX complaints must be independent

08-16-2023 2:36 PM


As an Amherst parent, I have been deeply concerned about the reports of mistreatment of LGBTQ+ students at the Amherst Regional Middle School. Like many, I have questions about how Superintendent Michael Morris could have ignored complaints and...

Local and Green with Darcy Dumont: Calls on town manager to move faster on climate action

08-14-2023 7:34 PM

Each year, the Town Council creates one-year performance goals for Town Manager Paul Bockelman to accomplish in the next calendar year. The 2023 goals were adopted on Jan. 9. Since the inception of the council, climate action has appeared as a top...

Sara Eddy: Superintendent should not be back

08-14-2023 7:24 PM

I am an Amherst native, the product of the Amherst public schools and the mother of two children who went through the school system. I have been appalled and infuriated by the news of transphobia and homophobia in the Regional Middle School, and was...

Anita Sarro: Hospice of the Fisher Home ‘lives its motto’

08-14-2023 7:23 PM

Thank you to reporter Scott Merzbach and the Gazette for running the July 31 article about Hospice of the Fisher Home [“A place to call home”]. The event marked the beginning of our fundraising campaign to raise $500,000 needed to renovate our...

Don Ogden: Solar farms and the environment 

08-14-2023 7:23 PM

The recent guest column “Wrongly blocking solar in Shutesbury,” [Gazette, July 22] by Dan Winslow, president of the New England Legal Foundation “a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates for free enterprise, property rights, rule of law,...

Erin Jacque: Weakened conservation commissions put cities and towns at risk 

08-14-2023 7:23 PM

This summer the Pioneer Valley has seen the impacts of climate change in the form of significant amounts of precipitation. Wet conditions have impacted infrastructure like roads, and culverts, and has overwhelmed stormwater systems causing flooding in...

Megan D. Lambert St. Marie: School Committee must address Morris question

08-02-2023 6:55 PM

As an Amherst resident and mother of seven current and past Amherst Regional students, I write to support the Amherst Pelham Education Association’s call for the Regional School Committee “to fast-track its planned August meeting due to what it terms...

Arlene K. Seldin: School superintendent controversy a complex situation 

08-02-2023 6:55 PM

Having lived in Amherst for many years, I’ve always taken a deep interest in our local public schools … as a parent, educator, and longtime school volunteer. I think we can all agree … nothing about the administration of a large school system is black...

Guest columnist Jeff Lacy: Shutesbury obstructing solar projects?

08-02-2023 6:55 PM


Dan Winslow’s hard swipe at my town [“Wrongly blocking solar in Shutesbury”] was featured prominently as a guest column in both the Recorder (July 21) and the Gazette the next day. He accuses the town of being intolerant of large-scale, ground-mounted...

Elisa Campbell: We need large-scale solar now

08-02-2023 6:55 PM

The climate crisis has come to our region with a big wallop. Many of us have done something to reduce our own contribution, but that is not enough. The reality is that releases of carbon dioxide and methane have been increasing, not declining.Our...

Maxine Oland: Superintendent Morris failed to protect children

08-02-2023 6:54 PM

I am the parent of a child harmed by bullying and gender discrimination in the Amherst Regional Middle School. When The Graphic articles detailing a pattern of transphobic actions against children at the school came out, I felt so much rage at how...

Guest columnists Courtney Meyer, Carolyn Holstein, Emma Dragon and Dan Regish: Let’s save Russell School 

08-02-2023 6:52 PM


The future of Hadley’s iconic Russell School building is at stake. Will the town invest in this historic building? Residents resoundingly push for yes.This one-of-a-kind 1894 Italianate structure functioned as Hopkins Academy from 1894 to 1909 and...

Children’s librarian leaving with thanks to Hadley, stellar memories

08-02-2023 6:09 PM


As someone who has lived all over the world, I can tell you with some authority that Hadley is truly a gem of a community. The last dozen years as the children’s librarian in Hadley have been the best years of my life. It has been a privilege and a...

Andrew Chodorow and Susan Lehtinen: Amherst Fire Dept. delivers pro response

07-27-2023 7:49 PM

We are writing to recognize the exceptional service recently provided by the Amherst Fire Department.An alarm in our home started beeping and told us that we had a carbon monoxide problem, should call 911, and evacuate the house. We did so and, within...

Jack Tulloss: ‘Minority white’ population coming soon

07-27-2023 7:49 PM

When Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get,” he could have been referring to any Supreme Court decision handed down since the inaugural court was seated on March 04, 1789. For 234 years,...

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