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Darcy Dumont: Three-town electricity aggregation approved

05-20-2024 10:10 AM

By DARCY DUMONTMunicipal electricity aggregation is the most powerful action cities and towns can take to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. It is projected to do so by our Amherst Climate Action and Resilience Plan. We’ve been working on getting...

Frank Higbie: Don’t cancel student debt

05-20-2024 10:06 AM

I visited Northampton on the first weekend of May and picked up a copy of the Gazette and a front-page article about the pains of student debt caught my attention. All too often I read similar articles about today’s snowflake generation pleading for...

GurujiMa: Walk for peace In Gaza

05-20-2024 10:06 AM

On Saturday, May 18, the Village of Light Ashram in Leverett is sponsoring a Walk for Peace in Gaza.This walk, beginning at the Leverett Town Hall and ending at the Peace Pagoda, is meant to include everyone. It is a testimony of the heart that seeks...

Jeanne Horrigan: Amherst seniors grateful for ARPA support

05-20-2024 10:06 AM

The Amherst Senior Center is pleased to be the recipient of $2.5 million in ARPA funding, to be used for building renovations. These funds represent more than their dollar amount, they are an investment in the needs of the ever-growing population of...

Martha Jorz: Stop supporting UMass and Raytheon

05-20-2024 10:06 AM

To those protesting the war and genocide in Gaza, refusing to support those institutions with monetary gifts is also an option. If we stop financially supporting and investing in those institutions that make the production of weapons of war possible...

Guest columnist Laura Briggs: Why send police to halt a peaceful protest at UMass?

05-20-2024 10:05 AM


 Let’s just say the obvious: The University of Massachusetts Amherst — indeed the overwhelming majority of universities — have never before sent phalanxes of police in riot gear to respond to peaceful protests by students within minutes or hours of...

Ken Rosenthal: Time to change direction on Jones Library

05-10-2024 9:23 PM

The Jones Library in Amherst received only one contractor’s bid for its long-planned renovation and expansion. When supplemental costs are added, that brings the estimated total project cost to at least $54 million. What seemed expensive before is now...

Kurt Heidinger: Biden breaking law, not students

05-10-2024 9:22 PM

Because our president, with votes of support from our Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, is breaking the law, our nation is lawless; and instead of him our college students are, for demanding he obey the law, being arrested and processed as...

Nate Watson: Regarding the college encampment protests and antisemitism

05-10-2024 9:22 PM

If handed images of the college encampment protests and told to mark the antisemitism, many people would circle students wearing keffiyehs and waving Palestinian flags. The rise of antisemitism in America is undeniable, but I hear the call from...

Kathy Gregg: You go, students!

05-10-2024 9:22 PM

I am full of admiration for the UMass students who are demonstrating on campus demanding that the university divest from American companies that make weapons Israel uses against Palestinians.I commend them for cooperating with the university’s demand...

Sanjay Arwade: A great day for Amherst Youth BaseballAnother spring, another great day for Amherst Youth Baseball at Lorden Field at UMass. Once again, the Minutemen and Coach Matt Reynolds were gracious hosts, bringing more than 70 youngsters into their pregame huddle and out onto the field for the National Anthem.To top it off, the Minutemen defeated St. Joe’s as part of a weekend sweep with Amherst native and Amherst Youth Baseball alum Justin Masteralexis as the starting pitcher.The Minutemen are putting together a nice season and we encourage everyone to go out and support them at Lorden Field.Sanjay ArwadePresident, Amherst Youth Baseball

05-10-2024 9:22 PM

Another spring, another great day for Amherst Youth Baseball at Lorden Field at UMass. Once again, the Minutemen and Coach Matt Reynolds were gracious hosts, bringing more than 70 youngsters into their pregame huddle and out onto the field for the...

Guest columnist Marietta Pritchard: Landlines and more in our parallel universe

05-10-2024 9:21 PM


 Recent news reports and events have reminded me that my husband and I are living in a parallel universe. We use a landline and we read print newspapers, which are delivered to our house daily.I have and use a cellphone, but my husband does not. He...

Guest columnist Dr. Meghan Gump: Dear Patients — We hear you!

05-10-2024 9:21 PM


 As a family practitioner and the medical director of Valley Medical Group, I care deeply about my patients and our community. During my 20 years of practicing full-spectrum primary care in Franklin County, I have come to value the relationships I...

Annette Pfannebecker: Vote yes for Shores Ness and for Deerfield

05-06-2024 5:30 PM

It’s a fact: Carolyn Shores Ness is committed to enhancing all aspects of life in Deerfield. Through her eagle eye on fiscal responsibility, she has supported businesses, farms, education, health and safety, seniors, roads and infrastructure,...

Charlene Galenski: Blake Gilmore, a strong candidate for Deerfield’s Selectboard

05-06-2024 5:30 PM

On May 6, Deerfield will have its annual election for local positions. Blake Gilmore is running as a candidate for Selectboard.Deerfield is facing some financially challenging times. Over the past few years, the town has voted to finance several...

Patricia Crosby: Meeting of Friends call for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza

05-06-2024 5:30 PM


 As Friends (Quakers), we respect the humanity of all people, which is why we have sought nonviolent responses to conflict anywhere. Our experience teaches us that violence only creates hatred, fear, hopelessness, and endless new cycles of war and...

Guest columnist Rudy Perkins: Dangerous resolution pins ‘aggression’ on Iran

05-06-2024 5:28 PM


 Both the Iranian government’s bombing of Israel and the Israeli government’s bombing of Iran are extremely perilous for the Middle East and the United States. That is why the dangerously one-sided U.S. congressional resolution, H.Res. 1143,...

Guest columnist Oriel Strong: Think unconstrained thoughts

04-29-2024 8:38 PM


Mariel E. Addis’ April 17 guest column “Under siege from all sides” was heartfelt and thought-provoking. I share Addis’ foundational ethic that we must resist ranking any human being as better or worse than another. Trans and gender-nonconforming...

Letter: Thankful for Public Libraries

04-29-2024 8:33 PM

We were excited to read the March 22 Gazette article “Libraries turning the page: They’re still in the business of books, but embracing new role as community ‘third space,’” because reporter Maddie Fabian eloquently described what we have anecdotally...

David Sloviter: The ghosts of Warsaw don't really speak

04-29-2024 8:33 PM

It’s not really fair to use conversations with ghosts and other dead people to justify one’s personal opinion. Guest columnist Richard Bogartz admitted that he does not believe in ghosts but then uses what he believes he hears them say [“What the...

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