Ira Bryck: Stop the non-starter Jones Library expansion

The Jones Library in Amherst.

The Jones Library in Amherst. GAZETTE FILE PHOTO

The Jones Library on Wednesday afternoon in Amherst.

The Jones Library on Wednesday afternoon in Amherst.

Published: 06-27-2024 7:14 PM

I urge the Town Council to support the motion by Cathy Schoen, to stop the library project by telling the town manager to not sign a contract with FAA architects, so that there will not be another $500,000-plus spent on more “value engineering” to reduce the expansion by eliminating much of what was promised in the original plan, supported by only 3,000 of our 40,000 residents. It is my impression that at least two thirds of the Town Council, as well as the town manager, understand the huge net negatives of the expansion plan, whether the original pipe dream or the current nightmare. You owe your allegiance to the well-being of our town. We have multiple infrastructure needs more pressing than this flailing campaign. Be braver, and vote against continuing this non-starter. Do not allow it to continue as a non stopper. Tell the council and manager and your town that you support catching up on very delayed maintenance, and figure out how to affordably bring the Jones up to speed; and then to progress with hiring teachers, fixing roads, and building the needed fire station and public works facility.

Ira Bryck


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