Cydnie Reiman: State flag should showcase beaver

The Massachusetts state flag

The Massachusetts state flag AP PHOTO/STEVEN SENNE

Published: 02-03-2024 10:55 AM

After reading the Jan. 9 Gazette article [“State reckons with its history”], I decided to write with my idea of a component for the new state flag.

The beaver. The beaver has always been important to Massachusetts (as well as the rest of New England). The beaver has ecologically shaped this land since before settlers arrived here.

Native peoples and settlers both depended on the beaver for sustenance as well as using their pelts as a form of currency. At one time in history there was even a period called the “Beaver Wars” which were conflicts over who should have control of the fur trade in colonial America. That is how important they were.

In addition, there are characteristics of beaver that make them a good emblem to use. Beavers work in collaboration with each other, they are industrious and have strong familial connections and are peaceful animals. I hope my suggestion will be considered.

Cydnie Reiman