Clement Seldin: A rush to judgment on Morris

Published: 09-14-2023 11:08 AM

I read with interest the sensible and heartfelt perspective expressed by parent Lisa Cain regarding the resignation of Amherst Regional Schools Superintendent Michael Morris (“Morris deserved benefit of the doubt,” Gazette Aug. 23). It’s fair to say Morris was given little choice other than to resign, despite over two decades of dedicated service to the Amherst schools. There was still much to be learned about the middle school controversy but it seems a rush to judgment by a few angry voices ruled the day.

I agree with the letter writer. In a town of bright people who promote critical thinking, is this the best we can do? Do we really expect to recruit and maintain effective educational leaders if we treat them as disposable after many years of solid service and good performance reviews? Can we so quickly disregard all the hard work Morris has done in a very opinionated community? I’ve taught education courses on controversial issues for decades in higher ed. I’ve just witnessed the kind of behaviors that do more to build resentment than actually solve complex problems.

Clement Seldin



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