Andrew Chodorow and Susan Lehtinen: Amherst Fire Dept. delivers pro response

Published: 07-27-2023 7:49 PM

We are writing to recognize the exceptional service recently provided by the Amherst Fire Department.

An alarm in our home started beeping and told us that we had a carbon monoxide problem, should call 911, and evacuate the house. We did so and, within minutes, a three-man team from the Fire Department arrived. Using their own CO meter and examining our alarm device, they determined that the device had malfunctioned and that we were safe. They said that this is not a totally uncommon occurrence, that several things can cause an inaccurate sounding of an alarm, including a spider.

The firemen were efficient and professional. We want to express our appreciation for them and their work in responding to our emergency call.

Andrew Chodorow and Susan Lehtinen



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